Restore Civil Rights

Anyone needing information on the restoration of civil rights process should contact:


 The Office of Executive Clemency
4070 Esplanade Way
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2450

  Toll Free at: (800) 435-8286



The Supervisor of Elections Office does not restore civil rights. Civil rights are restored by the Governor of Florida and two members of the Governor’s Cabinet through the Office of Executive Clemency.

If a Supervisor of Elections Office receives information that a voter on their rolls is convicted of a felony he shall be contacted by certified mail. The mailing will include a letter explaining what the Supervisor of Elections office has received, a copy of the Felony Judgement, a Voter Acceptance or Denial of Eligibility form, an application for clemency, and a postage paid return envelope.

If you have received a letter from our office informing you of your potential removal from the voter registration rolls and have questions, please call our office at 904.823.2238.

You may also choose to appear at our regularly scheduled administrative hearing printed on the certified letter. These hearing dates are scheduled for the last Thursday of each month and may change if the date falls on or is near a holiday.

Once Your Voter Rights Have Been Restored

No clemency documentation is required when registering or re-registering to vote. By checking line two and signing the voter registration application form you’re affirming that you are not a convicted felon, or if you have, your rights relating to voting have been restored.

If you are unsure of your civil rights status, the Office of Executive Clemency offers an online search at If a search is completed on the website and clemency has been granted, a certificate of clemency will be available to view and print.

If you were convicted of a felony in another state the State of Florida honors the voting rights restoration process in that state. The restoration process for each state can be viewed below. .

Map- Restoration of Voting Rights by State

Contact this Supervisor of Elections Office if you have any questions, or if we can assist you with this process.